Question: How do you pronounce the colon symbol?

I learned from somewhere else that you call the equal sign(=) ‘gets’ not ‘is’ in programming.

I wish Code Combat had mentioned it in its hint sections.

But anyway…

I keep forgetting putting a colon after I write ‘if’ method.

I know that one of the great things about python is that the syntax is very much like the one in English, which makes you understand it just from reading it and it helped me a lot.

But I’m not a native speaker.

So I was wondering me forgetting the colon so often is just because I don’t read the code properly in English.

I’m curious; how do you programmers pronounce the colon symbol?

I didn’t realise there were pronunciations of symbols in programming. I say ‘equals’ for ‘=’.
I don’t say anything for the colon. I think it’s just one of the things you have to remember.
Does any one else know about these pronunciations?