Raise dead glitch

I was playing Cloudrip Siege and I raised dead on a ogre. The ogre started attacking my flower and my troops and skeletons wouldin’t fight back.

I also know this glitch in Restless Dead were I raised dead that yeti but it started to attack me

Yes, but this isn’t a bug, I think. when you raise dead on this level, even your troops start attacking your flower.

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But what about restless dead.

I don’t remember, I only remember in Cloudrip Siege, because I submitted there only 6 months ago.

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Okay try restless dead and see if the yeti attacks you.

Just in case you want to know, this has happened to me as well.
Maybe you could take a look here and see if you can find something to change to stop this:

Maybe the flowers should be given some special designation…
@Chaboi_3000 do you experience this, and do you know how this might be fixed?

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I think in this level, yes. But it’s real to determine them. So maybe they are not so special, but who knows…

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This probably happens because the flowers are allied to neutral, but their superteam is humans. This means any auto-attacking units will not accidentally attack the flowers, but those that are “undead” have their own custom attack code which likely uses .team so it thinks a flower is an enemy. I’m not sure exactly though.


I think its like the game whilst it’s running updates and then all of the dead ogres play the dying animation again. It has happened to me on a lot of levels

Turns out it can probably happen with every entity I did raise dead on my soldiers and it happend.

Whenever I raise-dead an enemy shaman/witch/warlock my troops attack them. Besides them my troops attack ogres that are not raised-dead.

This happened to me too. 20 CHARS