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Nice (20 characters)


now @twenty-one21 is spamming likes?!


Also @Enderlord832 is still spamming likes. I’m glad @Deadpool198 stopped spamming likes :wink: thanks @Deadpool198!


I’m not spamming likes i just liked some of your posts


How about this topic?


I don’t think he’s been here in a while, maybe he’s just catching up?


Um… (20 chars)


yeah just doing:


twenty-one21, why did you do that(liking 4 of my posts on the same topic)


Yeah he’s spamming me too.


@twenty-one21 can you stop spamming likes


Ok i am now going to stop spamming likes


I have the badge i wanted so i have no need to spam likes. I will only like stuff that i enjoy or think funny or helpfull


Can more people join my clan. I want to have a full legion and it would be awesome if you guys could join! Just click on my username and a link should be on there. Click on it and fulfill your destiny!