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Random things topic


They shoot bolts of energy so no splash damage


oh, never mind. oops.


Witches on the other hand do splash damage while slowing people


they’re super annoying


what’s your codecombat username?


I know because they summon skeletons and use abilities like shamans to make the skeletons stronger and raise dead. My username is the same as my discourse one (EnderLord832)


It would be cool if you could join my clan @I_can_rob_you. Click on the link on my user card


Pugicorn would be so op in replayable levels :open_mouth:


@Enderlord832 can you stop spamming likes? We told you to stop and you won’t stop.


Seriously stop spamming likes. 1.1k in 2 weeks! Bro I at least spent time on reading posts and liking them. And that took much longer than how long it took you to get 1.1k if you don’t stop we might need to do something to prevent you from liking posts. So please this is our final warning.


Yeah, I don’t want to just repeat what Chaboi said but I do think you should stop as well, I know I said something else before but I think you just need to chill a bit. If you could, that’d be great. Thanks mate. :hugs:


Ok fine, but didn’t you and Hellenar must have spammed likes to get the badge. For some reason it isn’t giving me the badge even thought i just have to like 1k posts


Bro we spent much more time than how long it took you to get 1k. And plz stop ok


How did u get the badges then? I’ve said this before actually, the badge says you need to use 50 likes in one day, 20 times, so you literally can’t get that badge without giving loads of likes and not spreading them out.


Ok long ago, we knda had a race for badges but it soon became annoying so we stopped spamming, because it really ruined the fun of badges. So we stopped realising that we actually got like 99 notifications a day! So yeah, we quit it.


Fair e nough (20000000)


XD well I have only had this account 4 a week now and i forgot u could like:P


Oh ang i got a win yesterday :tada:
(In fortnite btw)


Thank you so much for talking about it i finally completed hit and freeze


By it i mean the copper ring