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Random things topic


so then this topic is basically continued from this topic

it had a a bunch of random things in here so I’m making this topic to just say a bunch of stuff.

And please do not go crazy in here.


Wow i just got the Gives Back badge! thank you guys for giving me all of those likes!


More like you had 100 liked posts a long time ago, and you got it yourself by spamming likes on other people’s posts.


No actually it was you guys, I already had 250 likes given


Wait. Let me remove the likes I had on your posts so you would lose the badge :stuck_out_tongue:


Not really but you can. It’s kind of rude but ok


For some reason I can’t remove the like on some posts. weird.


Mayby it is Karma :wink:


:smile: :slight_smile: :wink:




Feel Defeated @SuperSmacker :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


Looks like I can’t remove the like of any old post. :frowning:

Darn it.


why would you want to do that anyway?


Read the topic from above and from the one wizard


Who here likes cats, I am a cat person but I like all animals

  • :cat:
  • :dog:

0 voters


Did you like my poll?

  • :smile:
  • :angry:

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please do a favor in the random topic but do not add a bunch of polls.


Chaboi killed the spoilers free topic and I’m afraid this one might die as well, I hope not, I wonder what @gamestack thinks about all this.


Yeah, I’ll let this topic live, unless something happens


@Deadpool198 you have 544 health in cavern survival. How? even with the best armor you can only have max 500 hp.