Ranged Heroes Issues

Is this still a thing? Is it possible to unleash the whole programming force into an innocent component to bind it into a useful form? (Wah, getting poetic again…)

Yeah, sotonin is working on an electrocute component that we can add to a ring of lightning or some such thing. There are a ton of rings to do, plus some spells to make, plus more interesting things we can put on the ranger weapons and offhands, and whatever else. Let me know if you’d like me to show you how to start making them (warning: not for faint of heart right now.)

sure but I’m probably not going to get to it soon

It would seem that electrocute is live. It’s attached to the steel ring and is a watered down weaker version of the planned final skill. It may be released at full strength with a future higher level ring.

So rangers/archers (in single player levels) should have a better shot soloing the campaign with the ability to slow enemies. This opens up for “kiting” strategies and such.