Multiple attack types

Is it currently possible for a thang to have more than one attack type? I’m thinking something like a bow for long range and a sword for close range. Or even one type of bow shot for close range and another for long range.

I’m thinking that I’d like to be able to shoot a much longer shot but do a lower amount of damage, something like:

Range < 25 --> Damage = 10
25 < Range < 40 --> Damage = 5

Is this something that can be done currently? I’m thinking maybe it would need to be like the special attacks for tharin.

Currently we have spells and the Magic System, and you could make a new spell that does damage, and implement it that way. Otherwise, the Combat System only knows about one attack per Thang. (It was written earlier, and not as flexibly). The special abilities that Tharin and Ironjaw have in Dungeon Arena are also an example of a way to do it, although you have to write a bit of extra code to add those separate actions for those.

OK, well I was thinking of two different options for my archer:

  1. He fires his arrows in two different ways, one for higher damage and close range, the other for lower damage and longer range.
  2. He fires his arrows normally, but also has a sweeping melee attack that hits all enemies within very short distance. This would have a long cooldown.

Are these magic attacks something that I can create/edit in the editor, or something that would have to be done outside the editor and patched in?

You can use the editor now to add new Components to add these extra actions (if doing it like, for example, combat.Stomps) or spells (if doing it like magic.CastsXYZ). As of today, you no longer need us to create the Components for you.

OK, so something else for me to figure out. :slight_smile: