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Sarven multiplayer arena

Sarven Siege

Hey I figured that all the other worlds have multi-player arenas why doesn’t the desert have one here is my idea:

Sarven Siege
This is a fortress building game with a lot to do with parameters

5 sec version
Get what type of enemies are coming build turrets win!

5 hour 6 minutes and 3.14159265359 second version ( :wink: )
So basically what this is about is having one program that will take parameters and use those parameters to make turrets therefor this arena is mostly about making the most flexible code and formula
(lets say 5 munchkins = one rapid fire turret)I know this will take a very large amount work(making all the turrets and stuff) there would also be a cost for the turrets lets say 10 coins a for a turret and you get one coin for every munchkin that you kill and you could also use things like fire-traps and fences. Fences and fire traps won’t cost money but there is only one phase you can build them (see below)and a limit to how many you can build and a time frame to build them.


  1. a scout shouts out what is coming
    2.Build phase
    3.fight phase
    4.repeat until one of the fortress gets destroyed
    (ps fences need to be breakable or the shamen cast thru walls )

Wrap it all up
This arena would be about who can make the most flexible code and create the best formula for eachwave (maybe someone could code in a calculator [pls])

And I wold try and make this myself but I have absolutly no experience with the editor

Other Wishes:
Maybe a pinned forum post where people could just post ideas so you don’t have to make separate fourm posts
Maybe like monthly boss fights were you someone programs a boss and everyone else has to fight it and it changes every month.
A hero that basically throws charges everywhere
MOAR STUFF (equipment)
Consumables like pots you can buy and them us them once for a temp boost?

Stuff to think about:
Why is it just orcs vs humans why couldn’t we have other races like elves or undead(saw this in the level Radiant aura)
Couldn’t there but like human or orc defectors that went over to the other side
What about bandits or independent faction like a religion that isolates itself from all others.
What about things like sea battles or maybe your hero fighting Thonkar or some other boss(see with above)
What about a hero that have a longbow not a crossbow then you would have to calculate draw time and stuff like that
My ranges char just fires infinitely what about reloading or running out of ammo
Why doesn’t my hero get tired?
Why doesn’t my hero have skills like kick or grab the nearest thing and chuck it?
Why do all the soldiers look the same(i know there is girl and boy but besides that)
Wizard unit for humans?
Wouldn’t a ninja in a world of magic be able to turn invisible?
What about a family for my hero and heritage(lore stuff)?
What about a hero that uses gloves to cast instead of wands and staffs
How about a assassin that turns invis and backsabs?
Why are there only 2 types of human units and about 5 of orcs?

I put more then 2 hours into this post please please just atleast consider sarven siege pls pls pls

Well at this point Im just rambling so yea

Goodbye :+1:

(For other stuff lator)

I like your thinking! Some of these things are coming in the mountain campaign, actually.

The desert multiplayer level is coming pretty soon. Sarven Siege will be a replayable level, but Harrowlands is the multiplayer. It’ll include squad combat, but you won’t control the squads yet and building them yet; that’ll happen in the mountains. After that, later builder’s hammers will let you build towers and other defensive structures, for gold, so we’ll have all the tools we need to do tower defense style maps.

Pinned forum posts for ideas: nah, all posts can be for ideas. Don’t want to have too many pinned posts.

Monthly boss fights: oh yes, stuff like this is coming soon. There will be limited-time-only items that you can get if you beat a new challenge level soon enough. Afterwards, the level will remain, but the item reward will be gone.

I’m still planning on making the charges better for the rangers, and of course Omarn’s throw.

New items are coming. Here’s a sneak peek at a small number of them: (updated image)

I don’t think we’ll be adding consumables, but there is a potion belt or two dreamed up as soon as we can write the APIs for drinking potions.

Skeletons are coming more and more into things, and we will have yetis soon. We can’t do a whole new race yet, but I’d love to have one in the future as we expand to more worlds, to make things more interesting, when all the new ogres units are introduced.

Interesting idea about human and ogre defectors. I’ll be interested to see what you do with Clash of Clones when that’s released.

I can’t really let you try to fight Thoktar now, because he will destroy you. I think he needs to come a world or two later, after you can gear up further, with the new items we’re releasing soon, and with better programming tactics.

Running out of ammo, calculating your arrows’ trajectories, having your hero get tired: that wouldn’t be very much fun to play, I think.

Good idea about adding kick, maybe to some of the boots! How would the kick ability work? I do want to add some sort of hurling ability to some gloves.

Humans aren’t slated to get a real wizard unit (your heroes will be the only wizards), but you will get to build and control paladins, which can cast healing spells.

The ninja having the hide ability would make more sense, but instead we have it on the forest archer, because you don’t know how to use the APIs well enough to use hide well until later in the game where you get Naria. Indeed, using hide and then backstabbing was kind of the whole point of the backstab daggers, although I think the backstab daggers need yet another API and probably a big power boost before they’ll be strategically useful.

Ogre catapults and controllable human artillery are coming, oh yes. Artillery are actually done, just need to be introduced later in the mountain.

Lore: we don’t have too much room for story and lore in the game as it stands, as it’s already enough to read and comprehend with the programming gameplay. But we do have a few ideas for adding backstory “pages” that you’ll unlock, when we have time to build that later.

A bunch more human and ogre units are coming, don’t worry. Just be patient; it takes a while to draw all those animations, and to build the levels that introduce them in the progression.

no image:

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or if I go directly:

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Yeah Im getting that error too

The kick idea would be implemented as were you are on a mountain and kick someone off the mountain so yeah a ton of knockback with not much maybe a stun effect?(pls?(puppy eyes))

i dont think theres any terrain like that. more than likely it would just be like bash and knock them back a bit with damage. or maybe they could re-use the death animation and knock you on the ground. then you get up after x amount of secs

Well mountains I think it would be weird if there is not some sort of place you can fall of a cliff face

Holy **** that is a lot of pretty cool items

i dont think the game engine supports that

oh yeah by pinned post I mean one huge post on multiple

well you could just check the chars x and y pos and if it is in a certain area it would instanly kill you

pos has a z component.

so one should be able to make levels with different heights, and ramp areas (or teleporters) where your z gets changed to travel from one to the other or you could “jump down” (with damage) for quick moving.

Im pretty sure that code combat only use a 2d pos tracker

naw. there is z coordinates.

the problem is there’s no terrain thats walkable that has different z heights. things that have z are generally obstacles that can not be walked on. i’m sure it could be done but in the current game engine i dont think its possible. I’ve been wrong before though. :slight_smile:

the biggest hurdle would be artwork to support it. this cost money resources etc.

Thanks sotonin. You saved me from having to screenshot a “say(self.pos)” :slight_smile:

So it would be different then this pic

but more like this

yes. its currently like the second picture. you can set the z on a unit (such as bird) and make then raise up above the terrain. but there’s no way to do that with actual terrain without presumably buggin the game out wickedly. (maybe i’ll see if i can figure it out. lololol.) not sure how to get a reference to floor tiles though

Pretty pictures but the “View” doesn’t restrict the “actuality”.