Ranger can't hit fast-moving targets?

I’ve reached Sarven Siege and gave it a try. Collecting coins on the right side and fighint on the left seem quite unoptimal for warrior, plus towers and soldiers can tank damage. So I finally moved to ranger. Bought her the finest sniper rifle, and here’s my first impression:

she can’t hit fast-moving enemies on the verge of her attackRange, if they move at some angle from her line-of-sight.
Her attack(target) method can only get units as arguments, which means I can’t just code a motion correction using position the enemy will reach in a few deciseconds.
She keeps shooting and missing, wasting precious time.
So, the only options I see are:

  1. don’t even try to shoot until enemy stops, comes closer, or starts moving towards hero
  2. move hero in a position where enemy moving angle will be small enough to hit at whatever distance
  3. a combination of 1 and 2

Anyway, the weapon’s potential will be partially lost, which makes me sad. Is there no better option?
Wow! Our heroes can make complicated calculations, compare enemies’ health, command armies (all that in a matter of milliseconds), talk with pets, build towers, etc. but they can’t aim a couple meters ahead of a moving enemy?
Mod Edit: Please don’t swear

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Well, to be honest, if the enemy’s action = “wandering”, then “shooting in front and predict” wouldn’t work
in addition, u can code the prediction part yourself
an extra challenge :slight_smile:

Well guys, I’m totally fine with missing projectiles, never said they need to be tracking-missiles.
I complain about inability to aim at ground, without specific unit to target.

The scattershot is cool and all, but in my case it will likely hit target enemy with 1 bolt per attack, not all 3, that’s sure.

PS. Try Vectors if you know how to use them.

You have more probabilities to hit the target if you use scattershot. One bolt will aim at the position of the target and the other 2 will aim next to target so, if the target moves right, the bolt aiming right should hit target and vice versa.

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Well, anyway, I’m currently a bit short on gems, so I dont want to buy several powerful items for same slot of same class.
Also, in this particular level, 50m range is very handy. But I’ll have to code some positioning before taking the shot. I can deal with it. I just dont like rifle, which can only shoot if there’s a target in it’s sight, and refuses to do so if not.

Also, which vectors did u mean? Only math vectors and C++ vectors come to mind. Don’t understand what do they have to do with my complain.

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Do u have programaticon 5?

There’s a vector class. You’ll get a book that explains vectors after you complete Summit’s Gate.

Here's a list of the functions, anyways

Screenshot (57)

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Well, I’m jumping ahead several steps, as I’ve always did. Guess I should finish all singleplayer levels first, and only then start tryharding survivals and multiplayer. Won’t be long =)

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"finish all the single player levels first"
some levels are quite hard, tbh.