New Level: Swift Dagger

Check it out here. This is the second level in the Ranger hero unlock series and teaches how to use the secondary weapon throw ability in concert with the hero’s main attack. As part of that, we teach how to find and use distance in your combat strategy.

First try of the level : when I was reading the ninja description, an error about an infinite loop in the level init occurs.
(same if I reload the page).
If I decide to reset the level, blocked on the waiting page and back to infinite loop.

Another point : we don’t have the amont of gems we have when we need to decide which warrior to buy.

Edit : Same if I bought the ninja.
Another point : what happened if people don’t have enough gems to buy ?

Can you check the JS console to see what messages it’s complaining about when it gives you the infinite loop?

Good point about showing your current gem count; I’ll add that in. If you don’t have enough gems to buy a hero, then you’ll have to either do more levels to get the gems, or buy a gem pack to get more that way.

I just saved a change to Swift Dagger that might let it finish; the JS sample code had a typo. Not sure why it caused such problems, though. (You may need to tell it to comment out your code.)

now it works after a reset, i was able to enter the level.

It’s difficult to see the difference between the throw and the attack.

I think the best we will be able to do is 1) make a different throw animation instead of reusing the attack animation, 2) adding different sound effects, and 3) maybe making the thrown items larger? Do you have any other ideas?

In an other level, we got the bomb which are visually very different.
To keep it simple, maybe the hero can just say something to indicate it’s a long range attack (you can suggest it in the code prodided at the level start).
It it should take no time. I tested the say method in another level and it takes too much time.

I’ve automatically added it to the throw method for now. (When you say it in your code, it blocks for a second, because of a limitation in how the player code yielding is implemented.)

I can’t enter because I don’t have 400 gems. You should make a way to enter this level without paying for the hero. Are they slaves that you buy???

Apologies for hijacking this thread
I was able to complete Swift Dagger without doing any codes.
Probably because Amara did survived the attack because she is equipped with Anya’s items.
I’m not sure if Ninjas can use Warrior items.


You can always do other levels (or subscribe) to get more gems if you are short; this level is on an optional side branch.

@Margaux They shouldn’t be able to use warrior items, no, so that’s a bug. Can you tell me in more detail how you were able to get into the level with the warrior gear equipped? Thanks!

@nick, I just clicked the link from the Munchkin Harvest thread. After completing stage, I immediately proceeded to purchase Amara and started Swift Dagger stage. While reading the text at the codes panel, I just noticed that I got the Success notification after the time frame is completed.

Okay, so you went to Swift Dagger from Munchkin Harvest, not from the link in the email?

I recently just subscribed, and I found a bug in swift dagger where i went to equip the ninja and it didnt let me and I ended up equipping Tharin instead, and because of my armor on Tharin, i beat the level without having to do any code at all.

@lynxbob It shouldn’t have let you play the level with Tharin, so that sounds a bug. It should have shown you this:

Did you not see this screen? What did it look like where it let you play the level anyway?

Well, the screen popped up at first, and then I clicked on Amara, and instead of saying “Next” it said “Save”, (Save only pops up when you are on the choose hero screen)but I still hit it, reopened the level, and then it started. and when I played the level it was sorta just Tharin sitting there because he couldn’t do anything due to no code effectively working on him. I had enough armor though, so I just won with the armor.