Reaping Fire - something is wrong with this level

I spent a lot of time on this level trying to get as much money as possible and as fast as possible and it seems impossible to prevent the monsters from reaching the firetraps with griffin-riders only.

Is it possible to do it without extra? I mean without “cast”, without pet or stuff like that. Can griffin-riders kill all enemies by themselves?

I’m stuck at this level, thanks for the replies.

I take this opportunity to give my opinion about something I noticed about Code Combat. There are several levels that require too much knowledge compared to what we are supposed to have learned previously. In many cases, hint section doesn’t help enough.

Perhaps it is because I am not subscribed and that the levels which I did not have access are those which should have given me this knowledge.

I have nothing against doing my own research (it often helps to understand things) but it must not be at the point where it gets boring, as is the case for me on this level.

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How about posting your code, properly formatted, so we can see what’s going on?

Unfortunately, a lot of the levels are designed to leverage a good strategy…this is one of those. For my solution, my strategy involves running through the mines, summoning paladins and ignoring fang-riders. Here’s how it ended up:

Hey dedreous!

Thank you for wanting to help me but that does not answer my question : is it possible to protect the traps only by using griffin-riders?

If yes: there is a problem of pedagogy and learning curve. I tried everything in terms of collecting money (with the knowledge acquired in the game so far) and I can not create enough griffin-riders to prevent enemies on the ground from reaching the traps.

If not: the problem is much deeper. If you cannot pass a level based on the instructions given, the game loses its interest.

Ah, I missed the question part…sorry about that. When I first completed the level, I did use only griffon-riders and stayed to the left of the mines. I was able to pass the 30 second goals, but could not get the bonus. Only after coming up with the new strategy, was I able to get the bonus.

So, it is possible to protect the mines with griffons, but for me at least, only for less than 60 seconds.

Nice there is a hope for me then! Did you do it without any “extra” like pet or cast for example? If you did I will try again until I find the solution. Thanks for answers

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Well, in an attempt to be able to gather more coins, I did equip the mimic pet. However, that ended up more of a hindrance than it was worth. I ended up removing all pet code and just let him follow where he would…I would eventually run in to him and collect.

I do use Emperor’s Gloves as a norm, so I do cast chain-lightening…otherwise, no other spells.

Besides, there is always hope for those who quest(ion) for knowledge! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Thanks again for your answers. We can pass the level very easily without “casting” or pet by creating soldiers once the minefield passed with the code that we learn in the first levels (and some advanced armor / weapon). So without following the constraints and indications (no strategy, no selection of targets, etc.). If you follow the indications and use the knowledge and stuff acquired previously only (in no-sub version at least) it is impossible to finish the level.

I’m pretty disapointed, this level has no interest whatsoever in terms of fun or learning code. It can even be prohibitive. I almost gave up CodeCombat because, let’s be honest, this kind of thing sounds like “pay-to-win”.

No. It is possible to complete it and the free levels free to play ( this is how I did) but you will need very clever strategy to beat some more advanced levels.

So you did finish Reaping Fire level without any extra and by following the level instructions?

Yes, I used a better strategy. Because the enemies can destroy the mines after 30 seconds, I just played with flags

So… no, you didn’t finish the level by following instructions. And this is my point : as I said in a previous post, if I delete the instructions and write an ultra basic code I can finish the level easily. But what interest in circumventing constraints and indications?

In my opinion the levels should be finishable while respecting the constraints / instructions and the bonus would be there for those who want to push the experiment further on the level.

I disagree, I finished the level very easily using the instructions they set out in the level. If you mean get the bonus, well… It’s not exactly “passing” the level.
I’m not sure whether you can get the bonus with basic mountain equipment. I can’t resist trying now, I’ll get back to you on whether I can or not.

Ok, I got the bonus after about 10 minutes with the equipment I had at the time when I was in the mountain (it includes no subscriber equipment):
Screen Shot 2020-05-29 at 19.57.02
Using emperor’s gloves is perfectly valid. If you don’t have them, you should probably get them. They’re one of the best (non-sub) items in the game.
Here’s me winning the bonus with this equipment and 39 lines of code:

This is the code outline:

def findBest(items):
    # code
def notFangs(enemies): 
    # makes an array "not" of all normal enemies and fang riders which are on the right side of the map
def commandGriffs(enemies):
    # code
while True:
    # define variables
    # basic self-defence, attack and chain-lightning.
    # get items and summon griffs

The level is finish-able within the constraints and instructions. To win the bonus you may need to write some new code. That’s why it’s called a “bonus”; you have to try a bit harder than usual to get it.
I really don’t think Nick (one of the creators of the game, and CEO) would appreciate people calling CoCo a “pay to win”, it’s just not. He himself wrote code on dueling grounds with Tharin which could beat everyone except one Ritic, with whom he drew. I don’t mean to be rude, but I think it just depends on your coding ability and being able to think outside the box.

That’s not true. You can follow the constraints and win, or you can do whatever you like and also win. That’s what’s great about CoCo: there’s not right answer to most of the levels.

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Visual illustration of Deadpool post: 2 years old code, free account ( no findBest() function, non optimal coin collection: you can summon a peasant , similar equipment: monolith shield, approximately same code length )

and then same code quickly tweaked:

The code can be improved. I hate losing soldiers and it’s possible to protect the minefield till the end.

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It’s a pay-to-win.If paying gives you an advantage over those who don’t pay, it’s a pay-to-win.

But nevermind.

I can finish it now by following instruction. Yet I had tried everything, from the simplest to the most complex code. For me it’s like I don’t play the same level anymore considering the damage that griffin-riders do now.

I guess I was wrong from the start.

Problem solved.


Alright, I guess I kind of accept that. Although the massive majority of CoCo is non-multiplayer, so it doesn’t really give you an advantage over anyone considering everyone can complete all the levels (some with the bonus! :grin:)
For multiplayer arenas: yes, CoCo is a pay-to-win, but for the rest… Still no.
Anyway, let’s let this lie.

Is this your achievement? You started with 1316 health and pretty basic equipment. All I can tell is “WOW”!

“For multiplayer arenas: yes, CoCo is a pay-to-win”. The situation is much worse - CoCo is becoming a pay-to-play game… About 1/3 of all free levels vanished into the subscriber area last year without any new level. Java and C++ are not even announced and there is not a new level for this period. And these are not the most serious problems…

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What the…? How can you get my achievement? :sweat_smile:

recent code is accessible for everyone for limited period of time:
you can save the link from the address bar to see the code later:

Interesting! thanks for the information.