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Recommendation - Differentiate the multiplayer levels so they stand out on the game board


So I was going back over the game levels and noticed that the multiplayer levels allow you to continue to submit a new solution and be ranked on a ladder?

Since this is a ongoing challenge shouldn’t we differentiate those levels from the others like the levels with the numbers on them?

So for instance, the dot could look like this:



And completion:


The idea being to help differentiate the token so that returning to it is as easy for students to pick out of the background as the levels with numbers on them. The way this is done could be anything, I just tried to illustrate the concept visually.

Perhaps two swords crossed on the flag could represent the multiplayer level? Like this X but actually cool looking graphics.


I see that they are clearly marked:

  • multiplayer levels - fire animation
  • replayable levels - yellow bubbles animation
  • subscriber levels - blue circle with a star
  • normal level - red circle

However, I agree that it would be easier to spot them if the flags were different:

  • either marked with something (as Harry suggested)
  • or using a different color

What do you think, @nick?

Question About Levels Map

Interesting. I don’t see fire on mine. What browser are you using @ant?
This is with Safari on a MAC. On the normal server with a free account.


I use chrome under windows and linux, and it’s visible in both. However, I just tried it now in firefox, and I don’t see the animations. This looks like a browser specific bug.

update: Opened issue in github