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Multiplayer List on Profile contains non-multi/replayable levels



There are several levels listed in my “Profile | Multiplayer Levels” that are neither multiplayer nor repeatable (while the repeatables aren’t “multiplayer” per say, I can see those belonging there) such as “The Raised Sword”, “Seige of Stonehold”, “Mad Maxer”, etc.

I was wondering if there was a reason (besides “oops” ) :wink: for this?
If there is, cool!?
If not then I guess I’ll figure out how to submit a bug. :smile:

Thanks for the awesome site.


To submit a bug, go to the Issue-tracker.
I also see these levels, but can’t say whats the issue. Seems to be something bigger.


Thanks for the link to issues.

@nick closed the issue I created #2325, but unless his fix is yet to be rolled out into production, the problem still exists.


@nick, just changed to:

Multiplayer Levels
No Multiplayer games played yet.

(which would seem to be wrong since I have a couple with scores.)