Reference guide for objects, parameters etc


I’m trying to find a Javascript reference guide to objetcs, parameters etc. So, for instance, a list of special strings that define a parameter for, say, buildXY. I can build “fence” and “fire-traps”, but what more?

I just can’t seem to find it, or maybe I have been searching with the wrong search terms.

I’ve tried putting something random like “oogie” inside the brackets of buildXY e.g. hero.buildXY("oogie") which then gives you an error that says something like: you can’t build “oogie”, only “fence”, “firetrap” etc.(end of error) It’s the same with summon.
But it all depends on your equipment, you’ll only be able to build what’s stated on you item: e.g. Bear trap belt. Gives you: buildXY(“bear-trap”), Stone hammer: “arrow-tower”, “decoy”, “fire-trap”.
I Think that works. :wink:, But I don’t know of any list.

When you click on the symbol of the object that let you build (or summon) there should also be a list of what you can build. THe list is usaly called Buildables.

Have fun playing the game :sunglasses:


The inventory can be a reference guide for your currently owned items. Just click on the items and it’ll have a description of the item as well as it’s available skills. This can also be accessed in the level in the side bar. But this only contains the ones for your currently equipped items.

Thats what i mean. Thanks for bringing it on the point :grin:

Thanks. Apparently, I haven’t overlooked anything. I thought there would be a full reference guide (kind of like a Wiki or something), but there isn’t.

Sorry for the inconvenience. The devs haven’t implemented that in the game yet.