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ReferenceError: profile is not defined (python)


I know my code isn’t perfect yet but yesterday I didn’t get this error. I tried to reload page, use another browser and nothing seems to work.


Same problem here. Python also


But I see the error in your code. First, you define eneimes and then use enemies.


Got the same error in default code.


Interesting. Looks like it’s a problem with some equipment. Thanks, we will fix it ASAP.

Hunting Party, possible bug or operator error?(python)

It seems that this bug with the best glasses and caught the findEnemies and findItems methods. I got this error on the golden-choise level with default code.


Actually it happened in this topic and in another latest topic with the same error on self.findFriends. It appears to be happening with everybody with those glasses.


Thanks for the details–I found the bug. Should be fixed now, if you try again. (You may need to clear your browser cache.)


Tried to clean cashe, the same error: