Ritic bug in dueling grounds

so I phase-shift then backstab my opponent then my hero go’s intto a wiered animation I check the bar below for the action and it says hes phase-shifting but my opponemt still sees me and shoots me.

Ps that puff of smoke at the top right is me

It napped again I think the reason is I backstab them right before the get sucked in the shadow vorted

this is probably unrelated but my hero phase-shifts waits like 7 seconds moves to a completely random area then backstabs

Maybe you bug your self? Like if you phase-shift/invisibility and you do a cast (maybe you casted chain-lightning) and your hero can’t find itself, so it is bugging.

Now my hero only does phase shift but the enemies attack him

So if you use cast, try to write and not hero.hasEffect("hide") in the if.