Dueling Grounds bug maybe?

I was playing dueling grounds but when my hero went agains @Alexbrand he shadow vortex’d Anya then my hero just started taking massive damage and went from 1485 hp to -130 hp in 10 senconds.
Spectate link: https://codecombat.com/play/spectate/dueling-grounds?session-one=5f4da69bca5cbe00225027d4&session-two=56b5f9de56d79e24003d8376

I think shadow vortex drains health to anyone who gets caught in it. I don’t know for sure since I’m not a subsciber.

I dont think it does to the hero. And it drained extremely fast.

Who created the vortex?

Me. But if you look in the spectate thingy if you look at the enemy hero’s health and my hero’s health dcrains way faster than the enemy’s.

I changed my code today so ill look at it later.

I wear Thornprick, so I think it reflects damage to your hero.


Hmm maybe. I think that might be it. I have to admit it though that seems like a good defense against the tornado though.

It seems like it. Very clever indeed.

Shadow vortex deals 5 damage per second, but each damage is dealt per frame. Most levels have an FPS of 30, which means damage is calculated 30 times per second. Since damage reflection is damage dealt back to the enemy per damage calculation, it is dealing 5 x 30 DPS back to the attacker, which is 150 DPS.

There’s no real good solution to this at the moment, though.

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So it’s a Ritic counter?

Welp, found a old bug that caused a tie. My opponent has an error then everything slows down and the screen get more white.
Screenshot 2021-08-04 7.31.43 PM
(also lost 18 ranks cause of it lol)

Like here?

Yeah, its the same bug on the first video as post 5.

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Just to confirm does anyone else get a error while fighting this guy.

Nope, it’s OK.