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Sacred statue - javascript or any

Hi! I would like to know ideas to solve this level, any suggestions or ideas to solve it?
I haven’t coded anything yet, I’m still thinking about how to solve this level.

Summon soldiers throughout the game and command them to "defend" the spot where the sacred statue is. Easily defeat the enemies at the start of the game. After that go to the statue and you will face waves of ogres. Stomp will be useful. After you defeat the waves of ogres, you will have to defeat the ancient cyclops. It has ~2000 health but gets more each level you go up to.

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It seems like a good idea to me, but how do I summon soldiers? And what do you think of using flags for movement and attack?

you can use flags.
how to summon a soldier if you have enough gold:

while >= hero.costOf(soldier):


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You need boss star for it, and you get star of boss in mountain place

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I’d recommend keeping this for later and coming back after you’ve done the mountain levels.


Oh thanks! :scream: What are the colors of the flags that I must finish to finish these levels of the game? (for this section)

I’d recommend skipping all Brawls(Replayable) until later. The rest you can try and finish.

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