Sacred Statue Glitch

There is a glitch in sacred statue. Its that my hero just stops doing anything. He still takes damage, but he does nothing.

What is your code @lukas31?

Maybe your code is wrong.

No this isn’t supposed to happen even with a error @Monsty. Can you show us a screen shot @lukas31.

That might be caused with an infinite loop. Please show us a screenshot of what is wrong and your code.

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Here is my code just in case.

# Walk to a few points around the ogre camps, defeating any enemies along the way.
# Visit the statue to begin the event.
# Stand your ground and defeat the attacking ogres.
hero.moveXY(60, 65)
# Hint: fight close to the statue for it's assistance during the battle.
def attack(enemy):
    if enemy and hero.distanceTo(enemy) < 20:
        if hero.isReady("bash"):
        if hero.canCast("earthskin", hero):
            hero.cast("earthskin", hero)
        if hero.canCast("chain-lightning", enemy):
            hero.cast("chain-lightning", enemy)
    elif not enemy:
        hero.moveXY(60, 65)
    if enemy and hero.distanceTo(enemy) > 20:
        hero.moveXY(60, 65)
    if < 500:
        hero.moveXY(60, 65)

def move(pos):
    if hero.isReady("jump"):

def skeleys():
    if hero.canCast("summon-undead"):
    for skele in hero.findFriends():
        enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
        if enemy and (skele.type == "skeleton"):
            hero.command(skele, "attack", enemy)
        if skele.type == "skeleton" and not enemy:
            hero.command(skele, "move", {"x": 60, "y": 65})
            hero.command(skele, "defend", hero)

def raise_dead():
    Summon = hero.findCorpses()
    toSummon = hero.findNearest(Summon)
    if toSummon:
        if hero.canCast("raise-dead"):

def summon():
    if > 20:
    for solider in hero.findFriends():
        enemy = solider.findNearestEnemy()
        if enemy and (solider.type == 'soldier'):
            hero.command(solider, "attack", enemy)
        if (solider.type == "soldier") and not enemy:
            hero.command(solider, "move", {"x": 60, "y": 65})

while True:
    enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy()
# After you defeat all of the waves, you will have to face off against the Ancient Cyclops!

Look here:
That is probably causing the trouble.
Just delete the enemy and try it again

Skely in skeleys(). not in hero.findFriends.

That’s not right. Skeles = hero.findFriends, for skele in skeles.

It can also be if the level in the brawl is so high it spawns so many ogres that is causes a glitch(been there)

That was for my other code when I was using pender.

People use code for different heroes instead of deleting their code they keep it there and when they want to use a hero that is in the middle they move there code to the top.

And also when i was using Pender, this never happened

Maybe Tharin is a hero which causes glitches(many people don’t use any warriors on this level except Okar) since so many people use wizards warriors may cause glitches.

Okay thanks. 20 chars

is senick good in this level?

What wizards do you have. I recommend using Nalfar he is least likely to have glitches since he is used a lot on this level and the level will support him a lot. Senick won’t help you unless if he has gift of trees.

I only have Pender, And I am not a subscriber any more

Oh okay so you might want to not do this level(you need to have great code/strategy to beat this level so it might be hard).

Okay. What brawls shoud i do?

Actually your wrong.