Sarven Brawl: Alternative comparison syntax not working?

I am programming in Python. In Python 2 and 3, it is considered valid to combine two value conditionals together like this:

if 0 < x < 10:
    print "x is a positive single digit."

Taking this into account, I defined a function in Sarven Brawl that would return any enemies within a certain position:

def findByPos(lowX, hiX,lowY,hiY):
    return [e for e in self.findEnemies() if lowX < e.pos.x < hiX and lowY < e.pos.y < hiY]

I then used it like this:

enemy = self.findNearest(findByPos(30,96,60,80))

This should have returned all enemies inside the center canyon, while ignoring one ones outside. However, my hero proceeded to try to attack a scout on the outside:

I fixed this error by breaking up the comparisons into individual statements, but can someone provide an explanation for this lack of functionality?

Good point; I’ve opened an issue to track implementation of this feature in our Python parser here: