Sarven.gaps : can pass even didn't stop ogres

Sorry i didn’t made a screen-shot but in the lvl “sarven.gaps” i can win even without stopping them by building fences, you should fix it and make the lvl more harder

Hm i didnt even think about that. with speed boots or a speedy character the devs have a lot of factors to consider

Can you tell me which hero, which gear (or how much speed and health), and what your code is? I’ll adjust it.

Tharin with default equip ( got them from mission ) and a red armor , if you avoid ogres and just kept going you gona win the mission, even if you didn’t build anything ( trap , fences )

Hmm, I tried just moving down and I saw this result:

Tharin gets to the oasis, but then the ogres murtalize him, and the level is lost. Are you using moveXY to move to a particular place…? What exactly happens where the ogres don’t kill you?

Shouldn’t the level end when the hero reaches the oasis AND the ogres are stopped? I can just move down, but then my hero (Hanzo, 213 health) says “I can’t get there” while I am on top of the oasis. The same thing happened in “Minesweeper”. Is this intentional?

Any reason this code isn’t working?

        enemy.pos = enemy
    x = enemy.x
    y = enemy.y
    self.buildXY("fence", x - 20, y)

The levels says that I can’t have variables in my coordinates, but I did in other levels.

Error Message: Build the fence at a (x,y) coordinate.

What are you trying to do? You are attempting to overwrite the value of enemy.pos with just the enemy object. Which (if it worked, but i doubt it will) would make the enemy object have a property called .pos that is also the enemy object.

if should be

enemypos = enemy.pos
x = enemypos.x
y = enemypos.y

or to simplify things just

x = enemy.pos.x
y = enemy.pos.y

Thanks! It’s a little tricky, but realizing that the hero only senses an enemy when he stops and the enemy was in the line-of-sight was a key. Thanks @sotonin!

Cool. yeah the line of sight and range of sight is determined by items. If you are in the middle of a moveXY then yeah nothing else will happen until you reach your destination… (until they fix move method granted by some higher level boots that is currently broken)