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[SOLVED] CodeCombat Sarven Gaps (Help Needed)

Sorry if this is not clear, I’m new to this discourse.

My problem is that whenever I move, I move TOWARDS the enemy. I know which code did it but I’m really bad at moveXY in the desert. So please help.

// Get to the Oasis by moving down 10m at a time.
// Build fences 20m to the left of each ogre.

while(true) {
    var enemy = hero.findNearestEnemy();
    var x = hero.pos.x;
    var y = hero.pos.y;
    if (enemy) {
        // buildXY a "fence" 20 meters to enemy's left.
        x = x + 20;
        hero.buildXY("fence", enemy.pos.x,enemy.pos.y);
    } else {
        // moveXY down 10 meters.
        y = y- 10;
        hero.moveXY(x, y);

Nevermind, I solved it no help needed anymore.

here are my mistakes. I deleted most of the code so people can’t copy it.

    var xPos = hero.pos.x;
    var yPos = hero.pos.y;

        var x = enemy.pos.x;
        var y = enemy.pos.y;

        x = x - 20;
        hero.buildXY("fence", x, y);

Welcome to discourse athian, and well done for solving your own problem :smile:

No worries I bet most of us is already finished the game, but good job, congrats, YAY

Thanks guys!! It means alot to me

YAY(20 characters needed)

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