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Sarven Road (Python) Hero hp


Is there a certain number of hitpoints needed to finish Sarven Road? I tried it with Tharin and Hattori Hanzo (he has less hitpoints but more dps) but both die right before the end of the level … just hope that I didn’t do the level wrong, but the instructions were pretty straightforward.


  x = self.pos.x + 10
y = self.pos.y + 10
enemy = self.findNearestEnemy()
if enemy:
    self.moveXY(x, y)


Just went back through this, and it looked like it needed about 300 health (with pretty well much the code you’ve got), although I’m sure the first time I went through more ogres turned up than this time - so maybe its slightly random? Maybe you could try using a cleave at the right point to help out?


Your code looks fine. As you get further into the game, your foes get tougher, so you’ll need more powerful gear / strategies to win the combat parts, even in levels which are mostly about practicing new programming techniques.


Im having some issues on this level, I’ve done all of the campaign on python with the usual self.etc commands but in this level i am forced to do it with javascript, (this.etc) commands, i don’t know how to switch it back and i am stuck clueless of what to do


Not sure why you got switched to JS, but you can go to the Game Menu, Change Hero, and switch back to Python at any time.


yea thats the thing, i switch it back to python but the level stays in js i don’t know why nor have a clue on how to complete it


If it stays in js but your selected code is python you have to reset the code


how do i reset the code


In the top-right corner there is a button that reads “reload” (or something like this).

There you can reset your code.


Yea i clicked it and it is still in js, even if i change it to another language like cs it will stay in java, nothing seems to be working :confused: plz help


i fixed it now and i need help with keeping time i don’t know how to hire troops and here is the LINK:


I think you may want to create a new post for this - rather than jumping onto the end of another one.

When you do, then can you put all the code you’ve tried presented as code (see the FAQ), and give us a bit more to go on than ‘íts wrong’?


do the scouts have to be immune to cleave?


No enemies (except maybe doors and chests) should be immune to cleave. It’s just that Scouts don’t care a lot about cleave, as they have 75 HP and cleave does 15 damage.

And no, this is not imbalanced as you can still one-hit munchkins.


If you just put the whole code through a loop it your character will not only keep moving but will attack enemys


Please leave the dead resting. This question has already been solved.


I have problem with loading. A progress bar comes to the end, but do not load up, without this i can’t choise another or next level. I delete my cookies, but doesn’t help. Any idea, what’s going on? I have this problem from yesterday.


I have obsidian helmet and breastplate, 1309 health, a steel striker, enchanted lenses, and a runesword.


(Solution removed)

Edit: Please do not post solutions. Thanks.


Is this working code? Plz dont post this, this is answers and this takes the whole point out of the game. THX