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Sarven Sentry Typo


This is a game breaking typo and needs to be fixed instantly!


What typo? Are you referring to “glagBlack”? Please be specific when reporting such issues—this may be obvious to you, but it is not immediately obvious to all the readers that have to put in a high cognitive effort to try to find problems in that wall of text. There is often more than one occurrence that may be considered a typo, so being explicit avoids such misunderstandings as well.

That said, you are not really supposed to copy-paste code from the Help section, and it is not necessary to read or follow the Help instructions in order to beat the level, so I personally wouldn’t call it “game breaking”. But, of course, it needs to be fixed.

Thanks for reporting.


I’ve submitted a patch to fix this issue:
Waiting for review.


Patch accepted, thanks.