Typo cubic-minefield

Not sure if this is where you would post but it seemed the most relevant.

“Cubic equation define y coordinate based on x coordinate”

You task is write the power function to”

Good catch @Areau, I’ll hope @maka will fix that soon. :wink:

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@Chaboi_3000 Is this the appropriate place to comment? I’ve been using “contact us” but I feel bad for flooding Maka with stuff

@Areau this is the official forum where you can post new ideas or get help. The best place to post typos is the official codecombat GitHub.


Got it! Thanks Chaboi

This is a good place – but in Github or emailed to team@codecombat.com is slightly better – Github is fastest, as several people with the ability to make changes watch Github. I’ll catch up to all of them eventually.

It looks like Bryukh fixed this a week or so ago.


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I did this one. Although I was a little bummed that I didn’t receive an Achievement for it being my first patch. :confused:

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Bryukh must have beaten you to it:
0.51 4/17/2018 Valentin Bryukhanov grammar patch

We’ll have to get you that achievement after you fix another one!

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I’m confused. I submitted this patch and it was approved on 4/11/2018. I don’t see any by Bryukh. Is there another place to do this or see this information? I’m obviously doing it wrong.

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Oh, sorry. I was looking at a different spot.

You’re right – you should have gotten a patch achievement. I’ll report it as a bug. Have you tried the sound-trick?

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