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Sarven treasure




Could be a bug with “lightning bolt” ability. Or try using if enemy: instead of while enemy:


No I mean there is to much enemies spawning in, let’s see, 9 seconds.

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thus if I do if enemy:, then I’ll be attacking then getting coins, which makes me slower at attacking.

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Also there is no bug in my code, and I have a belief that some kind of glitch made so much enemies (why can’t this be any easier?)

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does your hero have the hero.bash(enemy)?


No, it is a wizard so I don’t have bash. Also, I could use Okar, but for some reason I lose faster with him.


I wonder when the price for Ritic the cold will lower down, because I might win with him. I also have every characters except for Ritic


if you subscribe and get all the heroes, and then unsubscribe, do you still keep the heroes?


Yes as long as you unlocked them. :slight_smile:


so theoretically i can pay for subscription for like a year and then end it, keeping all my heroes, right?


If you buy them.(20 chars)