Seeking Help - Medical Attention (Javascript)


I’m a bit stuck on Medical Attention. I’ve read other similar topics and have followed advice but, regardless, I seem to always fail. I’ve tried this code in several different orders (with it defaulting to attacking enemies first and only going in for healing if there are no enemies, the current positioning, not running back into the middle, going for healing all the time if there are no enemies, messing with how low the health goes before going to get healing) and it has not succeeded.

I have also tried reloading several times to see if a different seed does the trick but it occurs to me that it might not effect this mission.

Thanks in advance.

Even though you have given a lengthy explanation on what you have changed, you have not said what, exactly is going wrong. Can you please clarify?

Yeah, sorry. Regardless of what I try someone always dies. Usually the soldiers get overwhelmed near the end, rush the healing station, and get stuck there. Then, when my hero goes for healing he can’t get it or gets stuck there as well. Inevitably one or all of them die.

I can’t really see how they got stuck. Can you possibly provide a screenshot?

Also have you tried different seeds? This level is really seed-dependant. Try to submit several times.

Well, reloading does not give a different seed. Submitting does, as J_F_B_M says.

Ah ^^;; well, I feel a bit stupid now. Thanks for pointing out that submitting is what loads a new seed.

It worked after you told me that.

Sorry for wasting time. ^^;; Hope everyone has a good day.