Self.attack("target") method unavailable

I am unable to attack anymore, ie: the .attack method has become unavailable in my code.

I bought the builders hammer, and now this is the only primary weapon/tool that I am able to use.
There is no way that I can recover my old default sword. When I unequipp the hammer, the “PLAY” button becomes ghosted out.

Being that I dont have enough gems to buy a sword, and I cant advance forward because I cant attack, I am stuck. Catch 22. :bug: ? Or someone please direct me as to what Im doing wrong.

Try to use “fire-trap” its kond of a mine. You can kill enemies with that

I think that you could not attack them without your sword :smile:

If you have lost an item you used to have try replaying the level where you received the item.

In this case that is “Forgetful Gemsmith”.

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you have to select a sword. The items you wear matter.

Thanks this worked. Redoing the “Forgetful” level, allowed me to be able to equip sword. Thanks.

@captain_electro That is the issue…i can’t select a sword. @Vlevo solved the issue. Bug remains, but atleast i can continue on quest.