BuildXY not working

For some reason, if I type buildXY("fence", 20, 30); it tells me “You need a string to build; one of [“soldier”, “archer”, “griffin-rider”, “peasant”, “bear-trap”, “fire-trap”, “decoy”, “arrow-tower”]”. If I take off the “” on fence, it tells me fence is not defined. This happens on every level that I use the hammer on.

You upgraded your hammer to Stone Builder’s Hammer. It has buildTypes: [“fire-trap”, “decoy”, “arrow-tower”] and no longer supports type “fence”. To remedy this, just use Wooden Builder’s Hammer, which substitutes “arrow-tower” with “fence”.

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Oh, whoops! How did I not see that?!


Was there a specific level that needed a fence?

We have a system to help players choose the right hammer, let us know of any levels that might not be set up correctly.

Explosive Works on Cloudrip Mountain. I went in with my sword. Actually I could of went in with any sword I had and I needed the hammer to build fire-traps.

Explosive Works doesn’t need a fence, though.

Fence Builder in Cloudrip Mountain
Requires a fence, but Stone Builder’s Hammer is still activated.

Thanks, got it.

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When you say “a system to help players choose the right hammer” do you mean having it available to use in inventory or that it does the blue highlight thing so you know which item to specifically use? In explosive works it doesnt highlight the item to actually use. Thats what I thought you meant. Unless im misunderstanding this completly on what your reffering to when the system helps the player choose the right hammer.:confused:

We have a system that locks certain items that users shouldn’t use in levels.

Explosive Works works with any hammer, so we don’t restrict any of the hammers in that level.