Serpent Savings Feedback

I noticed this level is way to hard and many people just go with luck they submit their code and hope that the peasant collects enough gold. Many people never get the bonus. I think the level should be easier

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Yep, this is an advanced level with advanced goals. BTW, the level is not hard if you use some heroes and their abilities :wink:


Well, since it’s a Glacier level, it’s not meant to be easy. You’ll have to use some of your logic skills if you want to beat the level without using hero abilities :slight_smile: Those levels are generally fun brain-teasers, so I enjoy them a lot.

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But I noticed that most of the time nobody used Vectors they just commanded the peasant to get the nearest gold and just submitted it over and over until the won.

Well, that’s not really true. If people want to just repeat it over and over then they can, but it should still be hard for people who want to do it “properly” (used loosely here). Otherwise, there would be no hard levels in CoCo.


Why? I use vectors, and they’re very useful when you/your troops want to escape.

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A lot of people didn’t use Vectors. Some people did but the Majority didn’t.

Can you be sure of that?

Yes I checked the leaderboard.

Well the leaderboards only show how fast/damage/whatever it is but they might have did it the “right way” but they wanted to get on the leaderboards so they did the strat they did.

That is kind of a random guess and usually that is their real code.

Urrrr maybe what what catagory did you look in.

What do you mean. I looked in all time and latest. All time people attacked the green peasants since 4 years ago you could do that.

Well, I didn’t complete this level, because my subscription was ended before, but I remember that my brother used Vectors from walls and peasants.

But even if you do it the right way you usually never get the Bonus

I don’t think it’s quite valid to say Vectors are useless. They’re one of the most important(and best) methods to use especially in more advanced arena codes, and these levels are meant to help you learn those to utilize in arenas and tournaments.

Well, you’d have to be smart to get the bonus. This level is pretty much open-ended, so any technique works. However 350 gold is when your peasant perfectly collects all of the gems. If 350 gold wasn’t possible, I don’t think @Bryukh would’ve added it

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