Shield.Bash gives no knockback. What am I doing wrong?

You should probably be able to see my play against another opponent, trying to use the existing mines to my advantage by shield bashing an opponent into them. But while .bash() saaaaays it knocks the target back, it doesn’t seem to actually move them. So what does .bash() actually do?

When I watched the battle, you didn’t attack at all. The problem might be that you’re not detecting the enemy on the first tick of the match, and then your code never checks for enemies again. Why not move the enemy detection and the electrocute into your loop, and use

if enemy and isReady():

to time your electrocutes, bashes, &c.

As for the bash, the defensive infantry shield does have knockback, but it is fairly weak. It is, for example, less than one-fifth the power of the Steel Striker, and less than one-seventh as powerful as The Monolith. I’m not sure if you’ll get your opponent all the way back to those traps…

(That link might not work for other people who aren’t admins viewing your match.)

I have to adjust the knockback amounts on all the shields, I think; that is the shield with the weakest knockback, but it should still do something against a hero.

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Yeah, would definitely be fun for tactics to be able to try to use positioning to gain advantage instead of just straight damage calc.