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Does Bash do more damage with power-up?


So I recently got the steel shield that has bash on it and I’m wondering if I do a power-up (12x more damage) with great sword does bash actually gets 12x the damage because bash does 74(.5) damage per hit. So does the bash get 12x damage by any chance?


If it does, I assume it would be a bug. You should test it and find out! Just need to fight someone with HP>900.


But is it supposed to do x12 damage is the question?


I hadn’t tested this on purpose, but I use both extensively in multiplayer survival and never noticed.

Logically powerUp is a skill granted by weapon and applies to attack() (not just any abstract attack, but specific attack() method), also granted by weapon. It seems completely unrelated to bash(), granted by shield.


Also quick question how do I range bash? Like it automatically bashes every time it’s ready and for some reason when I try to distance it it says enemy.pos not identified ;-;


The range on bash is very small. (3 i think)… that said. i[ve found it i put any distance checking on it it fails to work. i have to remove any distance check for bash to work. might be a bug


Yeah same thing happened to me ;-;


Nah, the power-up effect modifies attackDamage, not bashDamage.

Can you guys share the full code you’re using where bash distance checks don’t work? I’ll check it out.


any and all levels i’ve tried to use it on (multiplayer) it fails.

if (this.isReady("bash") && distance <= 3) { 

In my tests, bash would never fire. no matter how close the enemy seemed to get. removing the distance check instantly made it start going off and improves efficiency of combat.


I think that bash range is calculated as three meters from the edge of your hero to the edge of the opponent, whereas distanceTo is calculating three meters from the center of your hero to the center of your opponent. Since units tend to be at least 1.5 meters wide, you never get close enough. This sort of complexity is in here because we never used to be able to calculate distances between edges, and edge distance calculations are slower, so some calculations are done with each style. Try using a larger number if you are trying to only bash when the enemy is pretty close.


Also quick question pretend I just bought some new armor and when I play multiplayer duel as humans I have it. How do I equip the stuff for ogre team though? I just bought a steel striker shield and I don’t know how to equip it for ogres team :confused:


Enter a game on the blue team then at top of browser theres a button that says “game menu” click that and choose “change hero” reselect your hero and put the new gear on him. then replay it


oh thanks a lot I didn’t know that