Siege of Stonehold don't work!

I try to complete a “Siege of Stonehold” level. but it just don’t load. When I click to button, I don’t retriev any package. Maybe bag with JS, but I don’t exactly know. Loading just stoped at the half and don’t move. I have been waiting about 2 hours but it just don’t want to load.

what world and level is this in

Loading bar stuck at the middle indicates that the game engine cannot load your code.
Change your language for that level from python to javascript (or the other way around). Your code will become invalid and the level will load. Then rewrite your code.
You could have an infinite loop, access of undefined values, etc.

To change language, click on the level, then click change hero on the equipment screen

It’s not help. I change from Clojure to all launguages, but it not help.

Kay I got it. Thank you very much.