I have an issue with loading siege-of-stonehold

What can i do to fix it?

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Hello, welcome to the CodeCombat Discourse and thank you for posting!

Have you tried using закоментувати мій код?

Yes, i tried all these buttons with no luck.

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Do you know how to access the developer console on your browser?

it shows some errors and logs:
Camaxtli: Let there be light upon Siege of Stonehold! (preload: false)
Angel.coffee:60 |Camaxtli’s Cheryl| Generated random seed 13031063691 of type submissionCount from sessionIDs 5e7250992f8a1c0024015b63 submissionCount 0
Angel.coffee:60 |Camaxtli’s Cheryl| Non-UserCodeError: say’s argument message should have type string, but got null.