Simulation Button Broken

Whenever I Try To Use The Simulation Button All It Says Is “Setting Up Simulation”. I’ve Waited For 15 Minutes Of That And It Doesn’t Do Anything. I Don’t Know What To Do To Fix It

Hi @Lord_Of_Legions, I just fixed this last night–let me know if you are seeing any problems still.

sadly, it still doesn’t work

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Wait, what is supposed to happen when you simulate games? because all it
does is says I simulated a game. Is anything else supposed to happen?

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That should be fine. The “simulate” feature uses your CPU power to process game results in the background.

Your computer can process results much faster than it would play the animated game simulation, and the simulate feature is all about getting the results as fast as it can. You don’t see the game playing out as to not waste time nor processing power. :slight_smile: