So how do I start to develop/hack this game?

I want to start developing/performing hacks in this game. This might be an early time to start doing that, but I’m pretty sure I do know whatever I need to know to start it.

I learnt objects and foreach type loops in javascript (i.e. for(var x in y) { }) from another tutorial.

Though I just know pure JS. Not that I don’t know DOM, but I know more pure JS because the other course teaches pure stuff.

I’ve performed hacks in one other game, which runs on flash, called EverybodyEdits. Ooh, and yeah hacks I mean not hacking an account , I mean with remakes (using FFDec).

Anyways, back to the point,
If there’s anything I know about games in HTML5, it is that I’m a total noob in it.

So, in your opinion, what is the best way to get started with development in HTML5 games, like CodeCombat?


This is something I would like to hear more about as well. I know you can edit levels, level components, and articles at the editor, but I thought you needed to know CoffeeScript for anything you can’t just copy and edit from other sections.

Most of the info we have for hacking on CodeCombat can be found in our GitHub wiki:

It is true that most things are in CoffeeScript. Check the Artisan section; doing your own levels is probably the easiest way to get your feet wet, and you can start to add some custom scenario code in a Referee Thang to do whatever you want in the level. (In CoffeeScript, but it’s basically just JavaScript.)


I also want to hack but not accounts. I want to hack GEMS!! I have also hacked other games like clicker heroes, Papa Louie, Five night at Freddy’s, e.t.c. I want to hack gems so I could buy armor and more. I don’t want to skip the coding, cause’ it’s fun. So please make a codecombat hacking website or tell me how to.

Thanks a lot!


You better start simulating games:

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I realy need help to. I need more gems to get beter armor so I can beat a gliching level. HELP.

Hi @Odin_Chase, welcome to the forum.
I’m afraid this topic will not help you to get better armour, unless you actually want to start to help develop codecombat which is very confusing.
If you make a new topic with the level you’re stuck on, your code and what problem you have, I’ll be able to help you.

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