Part 1-How To Start "Hacking" Codecombat. (Mac)

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Congrats! You have successfully completed this guide:

It’s time to start “hacking”…


You’ve probably got the hang of the terminal and want to do more. Here’s how to start:

  1. Go to GitHub and log into your account.
  2. Go to the CodeCombat Repository and fork it.
  3. You should have a “clone” of CodeCombat’s repository, and it’s probably named something like: username/codecombat-1. (See my forked repo)
  4. Go to terminal.
  5. Type in git clone (Replace username with your GitHub one.)
  6. Run cd codecombat-1
  7. Run npm install
  8. Run npm run proxy
    (Optional) Create a new terminal window(Don’t close current one) and type in
    cd codecombat-1
    npm run webpack -- --watch
  9. Go to localhost:3000. It should be running and ready for you to start “hacking” CodeCombat.
  10. Wow! You are a fast learner! Great job! You can now start changing files in your “forked repository” and update the repository in Git to see your changes in action!

Have fun!


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