[SOLVED] Big and Tall bug

I am playing the web development level Big and Tall, and it says I didn’t resize the image when I actually had.

If you look at the code section, you can see I altered the width and height. But in the top left, it says I didn’t alter its size.

Also, I noticed that I changed the second one from 200x100 to 100x100, but I reverted it back, and it still didn’t work.


Try restarting the level and doing it again.

Something weird is happening.

Look at the run button. It says ran.

Also, it still isn’t working, and I restarted the level.

Can you send me the link to this level and your code?

Sure, but you can only play it if you are a subscriber.


<!-- <img> tags can be resized using attributes. -->
<!-- width= and height= force the size for <img> tags. -->
<!-- The image scales proprotionally if one is set. -->
<!-- If both are set, the <img> stretches to the size. -->

<!-- This image is 32x32 instead of the default 100x100 -->
<img width="32" src="/file/db/thang.type/529fff23cf1818f2be000003/portrait.png">
<!-- This image is forced to be 200x100! -->
<img width="200" height="100" src="/file/db/thang.type/535ef031c519160709f2f63a/portrait.png">
<!-- Add another <img> tag and use width or height: -->
<img width="100" height="111" src="https://media.sproutsocial.com/uploads/2017/02/10x-featured-social-media-image-size.png">

Could it be because you haven’t changed the height of this image?

I think you’re only supposed to get pictures from the image gallery INSIDE the game.

But that isn’t what it told me to do. That was automatically put in.

What is the image gallery?

It is in the upper right corner.

You choose an image, and then you copy the tag, and insert it in the code, then change the width/height for the picture.

Okay, I chose a picture from the image gallery, but it still doesn’t work.

And then change the width of the picture.

Your code should look similar to this.

Thank you, I just had to adjust the width, and then it worked.



Congrats on completing the level! :tada:


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