[SOLVED]Bug in arrow proof bug mushrooms change location

Bug in arrow proof wolf mushrooms change location when I hit submit

Aha! That is no bug. If you use hero.moveXY(item.pos.x, item.pos.y) then it doesn’t make any difference. Are you trying to hard-code the coordinates (write exact positions like (28, 33))? If so then you’ll have to change it to what it suggests.


Doesn’t work Says too much indentation at the beginning

Look carefully. What does indentation mean? It means spaces… Can you see any in front of that line?
No line should be 1 space pushed forward, that will cause an error.


not working

as deadpool198 said there is a space before the hero.moveXY part make sure to delete it

It only goes to the first mushroom

You have to put a while-true loop so it keeps on going forever unless a break or a pass is added.

Thanks Guys I passed the level couldn’t have done it without you

Glad to hear!