[ SOLVED ] Bug in "Identification, Please"

ok thanks for clarifying

Are any of you guys new to code combat discourse because i am

i joined last week(I think)

btw, to find these bookmarks, you click on your profile icon (the picture you chose, in the upper right) then click bookmarks.

ok thanks @dedreous it is true you are a helpful user

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Wait what user am I it says your a helpful user what am I

I am so curious to know

@Jeremy_Yu It’s a title…titles are earned over time and with contributions to the forum. For now, you are a ‘basic user’…this will eventually change :wink:

Yay so u mean I will change overtime?

Thanks again @dedreous

You certainly have the opportunity, yes.

Great I will look forward to it

I need help for this, I can’t seem to find the mistake I made on the lesson.
Here’s my code:

/* The "#" modifier is used to target an "id". */ #element1 { color: red; } #element2 { /* Change this element's text-align: /* text-align: center; } /* Add a rule for #element3 */ #element3 { /* Change #element3's background-color: background-color: yellow: }

Archer Person

  • Has a hood.
  • Shoots a bow.
  • Carries arrows.
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