I need help in Code Combat Java Script Web Design 1 level 11

I need help in Code Combat Java Script Web Design 1 level 11. You need to add a rule for element 3 and then change the background color with an id.

Hi @Akhil_Patel, please could you post your code so I can see your problem.

What do I do on web development level 12 for changing the rule for element 3? I have no idea what to do.

Hi welcome to the discourse, please post you code formatted: instructions:How to Post Your Code With Radiant, Harmonious Formatting, so we can see your problem.

Hey, I went back and played that level and you seem to be struggling with the colour change. To change the colour you should change your div to

div class=“character”
that will change the colour to orange because of the style tag.

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