[SOLVED] Discobot tutorial (No one is posting here anymore so please dont change it)

He is a bot. Not an actual person.


How could I have blocked him?


Bots are so annoying sometimes


So you have never ever had a tutorial from discobot?

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No. Only in my previous account

Okay have you tried to do @discobot display help ? and then try using him?


Kinda, I dont know why it does not work,

THANK YOU SO MUCH you are the best @anon62741001

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Wait did it work? (20 characters)

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YES you are the best thank you so much

You are welcome all you had to do was activate him first :3 * woof *

Doesn’t work for me(20 char)

Does nothing pop up for you? send a screen shot please

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I’d just go to your original PM to find him.
(I know it says solved, but milton couldn’t figure it out yet)

I did do that. I also have no record of when you first come here you get a PM from @discobot I never got that.

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Try going to archive.

I also went there still nothing. I also did what you guys/gals said to do.

I just messaged discobot and he worked when I typed in what’s in the picture above.

I did it in a new message too.