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Hi im cloneclon and i am new to discourse

the title says what i need help with

Look up! there a guide.

You need help with something?

Hello and welcome to the Code Combat discourse @s108012_12. :partying_face: We have some amazing people who would LOVE to help you with bugs, creating levels, and getting through levels. Don’t forget though, when you need help, create a new level, and format your code correctly Or, you can just chat with others in topics. Please go to this topic: here to see more details. We would be happy to just chat with you to! What do you need help with?


Hi! We’re always ready to help! Just state any problem and we will come to your need! :slightly_smiling_face:


thank you everybody!

@s108012_12 Did you forget your password or something for your old account?

no because when i tried to sign in discourse they wouldn’t allow me to use username cloneclon

That’s because there already is a cloneclon.


But you should be able to sign in on more than 1 device.

First Question: If you have a old account on discourse is the name “Cloneclon”
Second Question: If you did have that account did you click log in or create a new account.

So, are you cloneclon, or not? This is just what we want to know.

yes i am cloneclon but the disbot did not allow me to use cloneclon so i used clonecoln

It’s probable that you missed something in your password. If you still know your password for cloneclon’s account, log in, don’t sign in. But if you lost your password completely, then I think it’s okay for you to use this account.

I have said this a lot of times @enPointe77. But there are still ways to get it back. If you did forget your password.

Me too. But he’s not answering a lot, so it’s hard to tell if he understands or not.

Ignore that I will just see how this turns out

There was no need for that @NeonWolf.

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I know so I deleted it I just have trust issues sorry : /

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what i never signed up before