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SOLVED! Facebook login nonfunctional


When I click “log in with Facebook”, no little window pops up; neither does it log me in, even though I am already logged in to Facebook. The Google+ login window still pops up if clicked, but I don’t use Google+. I am using Firefox 40.0. Update: Neither does it work in IE 11, a private window, Safe Mode, or Firefox 39.0.3.


The fb-login-button is not initialized, it even looks like the FB JS API is not loaded at all as well.


Thanks for the heads up; I opened an issue here:

Anyone know the last time it was working?


It was working around 5:00 Central time last night.


Should be fixed now (or, well, when the new JS gets through the cache in our CDN, which can take up to a day in some cases).


Hello everyone,

I have the exact same problem now :frowning: I am using Safari 9.0.3.

Thank you for your help !