Annoying automatic login / Account creation

I’m experiencing an annoying bug[?] that happens whenever I click on “Log in” button. The popup shows up and 2 seconds later the page gets refreshed with a new account logged in. The email of said account is the same email as my Facebook. I tried deleting the account and I did get the “Your account is gone” message, but the process repeat itself.

To sumup bug reproduction:
1- Facebook is logged in.
2- Enter
3- Click on log in.
4- ???
5- I’m logged in as a new account (apparently with Facebook).

Try logging out of Facebook and then doing the login flow on CodeCombat once; maybe that will reset it? Facebook auth can be incredibly… persistent, let’s say. They seem to want to claim your soul as theirs perpetually whenever you’re logged into FB.

Maybe we can come up with a fix for this behavior later. I’ve added it to this issue.

This has been happening to me for a while as well. I kept deleting all of my browser history every time I wanted to log in. So glad to have figured out it was facebook that was causing this!