[SOLVED] Freeze Tag (python) Help

Hello. I followed all the instructions and looked at tutorials, but when my player touches an archer, it won’t freeze. I don’t know what to do please help!

# Let's make a game of Freeze Tag!

# game.tagged is used to count tagged archers.
game.tagged = 0
ui.track(game, "tagged")
goal = game.addManualGoal("Tag all archers.")

# Spawn the archers.
game.spawnXY("archer", 12, 52)
game.spawnXY("archer", 12, 16)
game.spawnXY("archer", 24, 52)
game.spawnXY("archer", 24, 16)

player = game.spawnPlayerXY('captain', 68, 24)
player.maxSpeed = 20
# Make the player bigger so it's easier to tag archers.
player.scale = 2

# Set up the archers' speed and behavior properties onSpawn
def onSpawn(event):
    unit = event.target
    unit.behavior = "Scampers"
    unit.maxSpeed = 8

game.setActionFor("archer", "spawn", onSpawn)

# The event handler for "collide" events.
def onCollide(event):
    # The event owner who has collided with something.
    unit = event.target
    # The object the unit collided with.
    other = event.other
    # Use behavior as a marker for the current frozen state.
    # "Scampers" means the archer wasn't yet tagged.
    if unit.behavior == "Scampers":
        # If "other" is the player.
        if "other" is player:
            # Set unit.behavior to "Defends":
            # Increase game.tagged by 1:
            game.tagged +=1
    if unit.behavior == "Defends":
        # If other's type is "archer":
        if other.type == "archer":
            # Set unit.behavior to "Scampers":
            unit.behavior = "Scampers"
            # Reduce game.tagged by 1.
            game.tagged -= 1

# Use setActionFor to assign onCollide to the "collide" event for "archer"s.
game.setActionFor("archer", "collide", onCollide)

while True:
    if game.tagged >= 4:
        game.setGoalState(goal, True)

can you give me the link

Oh that link that doesn’t work. How do I share the link with you?

its fine i can edit the link and it will work

Welcome to the Discourse, @A.Lee452 !

Here’s your problem.
other is in inverted commas (""), which makes the game think it’s a string, not a variable.
Since other is a variable, the level should work if you remove the inverted commas surrounding other.
If you want a more in-depth explanation, feel free to ask.



Omg that worked that you so much!!

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