[SOLVED] Game Development, 1st Stage, Lua

My fence is not spawning, help !!!

hi and welcome to discorse

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Welcome to the forum @DrippySlime :partying_face: This is a friendly place where you can ask help on levels, report bugs, or just chat with other coders! Don’t forget to read the guidelines if you haven’t yet. Have a great time!

The first and last line of code and line 9, 10 have a semicolon instead of a dot making it this way:
game : spawnXY(“fence”)
Switch them to dots and if it didn’t work, please post your code formatted using this button:

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this code is already solved

Then you shouldn’t post it, it is prohibited to post solutions, you can give hints because that would ruin the purpose of the game. Please remove it.

Plus, that code didn’t follow the instructions in the comments.

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Thank you Aya. I didn’t notice the periods and semicolons were mixed. I changed them and it worked. :grinning: :pray:

You’re welcome :smile: (20chars)

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