[solved]Help with waves

I need help with using waves in a referee unit. here is the link to my level. Could you tell me what is wrong?

What do you mean with waves?

Also it shows me this:


Like this

You mean how the ogres come one round after the other?

yes that is what I mean and by the way does anybody know what it only lets me into the editor? Maybe @Deadpool198 knows?

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@Speedypickle1 can you please post your code and insure to format it properly.

I do not really have code I just went to the “waves” section of the referee

@Speedypickle1 can you make a small change in the level(Moving a thang), and before saving, check the “Publish” box?

Ok let me do that. (20 chars)

Done! I published it @Chaboi_3000 .

never tried to create a game

what are spawnChances numbers, what they mean?

Cool! Can you send us the link to your level? Only if you want to, of course.

Look on the top of the post @Lydia_Song

It is what the referee will spawn @xython

so 2 male ogres the first wave, 2 female the second, 5 female munchkins the third?

No it is the chance of what is being spawned, so the spawn chance of a Female munchkin spawning is 5%

No, like the actual playable level, not the thang editor.

obviously i’m not ready to ask the right questions, but i can test the final product and probably make suggestions how to make it more difficult . Good luck :wink: Thanks!

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