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How do i make waves?

well i have a problem i want to put waves of enemies and friendlies in my level
but when I use the invisible things it doesn’t work can someone help me?

I have a question, what do you use to spawn things in the level editor? game.spawnXY(type, x, y) or something else?

no its the mountain siege level

Yes, but when you are in the level editor, when you want to spawn something at a specific time in the game, what do you use? If you can tell me this, I will probably be able to help.

hmm im not sure maybe you could use:

if time =< 30:
    game.spawnXY(type, x, y)

So you DO use game.spawnXY(type, x, y) to spawn things at a certain time in the level editor?

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Maybe you could use a wave engine?

Wait, can you use Javascript?

Use a referee to make waves @cheddarcheese

i know but how exactly? @Chaboi_3000

Use @instabuild(thing, x, y)

@cheddarcheese your invisible things are wells, not referee. wells are for decoration

no im adding the wells for decoration I haven’t added the referee yet I’m just asking how to make it spawn waves of enemies and friends

Maybe add the component AI.programmable