[solved]Help with waves

Ogres are supposed to spawn but they do not

Can you add some hints? And some goals?

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@Speedypickle1, you have to also add them in the Builds component. Here’s an example of what I did for this level.

it will not let me type in the thangtype section

it has goals now @Lydia_Song

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Seems like patch submission is broken. Press on thang type and press enter to input the Thang Type. Ideally these settings are what you’d want to try for now.

Let me try that @Chaboi_3000

it does not work @Chaboi_3000

What do you mean by “It does not work”? Can you clarify?

No ogre are getting spawned


In what why is the summating patch broken?

Of course, it’s because you haven’t done the rest of the ogres, only ogre-m.

It’s fine. I’ve forwarded to the team.

I did all of them now let me try the level @Chaboi_3000

infinite loop error because I forgot to define the power fo the wave

Add the power in the wave area

I did and then it said that the span point was wrong

Just remove spawn point component since you already have spawn-area.

It will still give me an infinite loop, but at least it almost loaded. I think there is something wrong with the ellipses and rectangles

One munchkin finally came out! :partying_face: